Wastewater & Septic Systems


For commercial users such as Territorial Authorities or engineers, HydroVac offers a reliable service and trained technicians with extensive experience in most types of commercial wastewater systems with a commitment to ongoing backup service. HydroVac is available to service and maintain commercial plants Canterbury-wide: schools, cafés, body corporate commercial systems. We can also maintain council toilet blocks and systems.

With increasing concern about the effects of wastewater on our environment, HydroVac is committed to providing service of the highest quality, particularly in the high-use beach, river and mountain areas we work in to protect the fragile environment. You will also get the highest level of customer service ensuring you have a wonderful experience with HydroVac!



Wastewater treatment systems are made up of many working components so it’s important to have them cleaned and checked on a regular basis. Most tank manufacturers recommend a six-monthly service to be carried out by a qualified technician to validate the warranty requirements. Fortunately HydroVac’s team of fully trained, manufacturer-approved technicians can do the business for you! Call us now to find out about our wastewater treatment system servicing.

There are some things you can do to keep your system flush (as well as cleaning your filter on a monthly basis):

  • Do not use bleaches or chlorine (e.g. Napisan, Janola)
    These products are designed to kill bugs and will kill off the bacteria in the tank, causing smells and blocked filters.
  • Do not put fats or oils down drains
    These may block the tank filters and kill the bacteria in the tank.
  • Do not put tea leaves or coffee grounds down drains
    These may block the filters in the tank.
  • Do not wash paint brushes or dispose of paints down drains
    These products will not only kill the bacteria in the tank, but the residue is very difficult and costly to remove.
  • Do not flush disposable nappies, sanitary napkins, tampons and/or condoms down the toilet
    These products are difficult to break down in the tank and may cause problems.
  • Do not turn off the power to the septic tank
    There are electrical components that must remain going at all times.
  • For best performance, use cleaning products (e.g. phosphate-free detergents) that are suitable for septic tanks

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Wastewater System
A typical Wastewater System

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Solids Filter

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Wastewater Filter

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