HydroVac has a long history of stormwater management and maintenance best practices. From site evaluation to project completion, HydroVac is your one-stop shop for all your stormwater needs.

Being primarily underground, stormwater devices and infrastructure are sometimes neglected. With increasingly unpredictable weather and increasingly threatened beaches, coastlines, and rivers, it’s important to maintain stormwater systems.


Stormwater Services

HydroVac’s services cover commonly-found first line devices and diversion including:

  • Cesspits
  • Channel Drains
  • Raingardens
  • Enviropods
  • Soak holes

We also maintain larger and more complex systems such as Stormfilters, Up Flo Filters, Sand Filters, and Stormwater Ponds for the application of treatment. 



HydroVac has 10 years’ experience maintaining stormfilters and associated storm filtration products such as Enviro Bags and Bio-filters. Designed to capture litter and suspended solids, stormfilters capture gross pollutants upstream prior to entering the waterways and beaches. Typically designed for servicing every 12 – 18 months, we have experience maintaining these devices from operator to management level. We have the experience to handle any sized unit or configuration that needs servicing.


Up Flo Filters

Designed to decrease suspended solids loading down-stream, Up Flo units are usually located in manhole chambers and can have any number of treatment modules (depending on the size of the chamber). An easy-to-service system, HydroVac first performs a robust clean, removing any concrete slurry or construction waste generated from the install. This is followed by 6 – 12 monthly servicing, and documentation of affiliated reports for council compliance.


Stormwater Ponds

Designed for treatment of stormwater and flow control during heavy rainfall, stormwater ponds and wetlands have long been a favourite choice for commercial properties, roading projects, and subdivision sediment control. Generally, these devices are cleaned 5 – 15 years apart, however in many circumstances, weed and litter control, inspections, and reporting are required. Councils often require stormwater management plans. HydroVac offers the following services for storm water ponds:

  • Inspections and reporting
  • Fore-bay and pond maintenance
  • Project management for asset overhauls
  • Spill containment
  • Maintenance associated with asset management


Sand Filters

Although sand filters are not as popular with engineers now versus 10 years ago, there are still some around the Canterbury region. Often thought of as an expensive asset and difficult to maintain, HydroVac has an open-minded approach to maintaining these assets. Generally speaking, high contamination sites do require more attention than those with low site loadings, however this is normal for any device. Call HydroVac today to discuss your site and device requirements to ensure your sand filters operate smoothly.

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