Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens receive and filter rainwater runoff, and are a form of stormwater treatment. Along with helping sites meet resource consent requirements, they also increase the green footprint and improve aesthetics onsite.

One of the many misconceptions about rain gardens is that they are maintenance-free and can be treated like other gardens on your property whereas like all stormwater treatment devices, these assets need an educated approach to ensure they keep operating as intended.

Flooded rain garden
Flooding can result from poorly maintained rain gardens

Here at Hydrovac, we leverage our relationships and experience to maintain your rain gardens to the highest standard. It all starts with a site assessment to see what your requirements are, after which we can provide one or all of the following services:

  • Plant replacement, site rejuvenation
  • Old media replacement with new approved rain garden media
  • Rain garden makeover to assist with continuous council compliance
  • Routine auditing as required under stormwater management plans
  • Soft media removal (remove almost all soil with no root damage), replace with new media
Rain garden
A well-maintained rain garden

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