Grease Traps & Converters

One of the most common causes for blockages in commercial sewer lines is grease and fat from the kitchen. It may be liquid when it hits the sink, but by the time it reaches the cooler temperatures in the sewer line the liquid starts to harden and stick to the walls of the pipes. Grease Traps and Converters are a fantastic way of removing the fat content before it hits the sewer line, and holding it for removal via suction / vacuum methods. Regardless of whether you have an internal Grease Converter or an external Grease Trap, it must be maintained to ensure it is working properly. Without maintenance the likelihood of blockages, overflows and nasty odours are almost absolute. To prevent incorrect use and poor maintenance, HydroVac offers a service agreement combined with 3 or 6 monthly inspections based on the amount of use your system receives.
Sometimes cleaning out the greasetrap is only part of the job. Sometimes the inlet and outlet lines can become clogged and should be cleaned at the same time. Our Multipurpose Trucks have the equipment on board to clean the greasetrap, removing all the offending material, and at the same time we can pressure flush the inlet and outlet lines to remove any blockages. Ask your current service agent if they can do that!

  • Dux Actamatic
  • Hynds
  • Big Dipper
  • Plumbpak
  • Simply Stainless​​

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