CCTV Drain & Pipe Inspections


  • HydroVac offers you the most professional and efficient CCTV drain and pipe inspections
  • Industry-experienced staff with state-of-the-art cameras ensures your job is done right
  • Provide council GIS asbuilt plans confirming your pipes’ positions
  • Locate faults or obstructions from above ground up to 15 meters deep (depending on ground material)
  • CCTV inspection of pipes as small as 70mm in diameter
  • CCTV inspection of pipes up to 1800mm in diameter
  • Built-in inclinometer to show angle grades of your pipes
  • USB stick containing CCTV data and CCTV reports provided on site
  • CCTV drain and pipe inspection reports can be emailed direct from site which saves you waiting days to receive your information



Pass Inspection
HydroVac’s CCTV drain and pipe location service offers complete survey, location and inspection options and if required, our extensive network of plumbing and drainage sub-contractors can carry out dig-and-fix repairs. Additional services we can help with are:

  • Locate and mark on-site
  • Basic condition reports
  • Comprehensive inspection reports
  • Pre-purchase house inspections
  • Council reports
  • Pre-build and post-build reports

Our advanced CCTV drain and pipe inspection service allows us to accurately detect and inspect any drain that may need repairs, with both Push-rod and Tractor Camera equipment available, for lines from 100mm to 1800mm diamater. If you need to locate a junction or get an accurate location and depth reading, we can help.


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