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Hydrovac Our Team

Dave Coutts

General Manager

Dave has worked at HydroVac since April 2012, and was originally hired as the Operations Manager in charge of the truck division with a big emphasis on sales and growing the business alongside the previous General Manager.

Dave was totally new to the waste industry after some 25 years in the security industry and due to redundancy and the passion for security at a low, he thought it was time to try something new and was fortunate enough after applying for the Op’s manager’s position and basically harassing (in a good way) the GM and one of the Company Directors at the local Football / Cricket club into giving him an opportunity to prove he could do the job. As it turned out, they were insightful enough to take a risk and hired Dave knowing he was only bringing his 15yrs + management skills and no industry knowledge to the table. He spent the next 12 months alongside the GM and learning about HydroVac and the waste industry.

Two years down the track the General Manager planned to move to Christchurch and with Dave’s new found passion for the waste industry, was offered the role of General Manager which he keenly accepted and where he is today. He strongly believes in providing an excellent customer experience, ethics, integrity, honesty and going that extra mile for our clients. After all our clients are the most important aspect of HydroVac, closely followed by our HydroVac team who all add value to the success of HydroVac.

​Dave believes in having good solid processes and giving opportunities to his team to develop and upskill through training and succession planning, after all, our team are part of the HydroVac family and the experience they gain becomes a valuable asset.

​Our customers allow us to provide them a service and Dave strongly believes that providing an excellent customer experience. We believe our 24/7 service and fast response rate sets us apart from our competitors. 

Hydrovac Our Team

Jason Koenen

​Operations Manager

Jason has worked for HydroVac since March 2011. After initially starting as an operator in the truck division, he was coached into a leadership role through a supervisory position then onto Operations Manager. Having hands on experience on the tools and the gear has helped bring a practical aspect to how the business is run, and the ability to solve any issues that arise by being able to deal with them to the benefit of our clients.

As the business continues to grow at a fast rate, Jason prioritises our clients requirements and ensures they receive the excellent Hydrovac customer experience that we pride ourselves on. Jason sees challenges and opportunities ahead and encourages our team to be constantly improving and upskilling by reviewing and providing on-going training, coaching and reinvestment back into the team ensuring our team deliver the best service. 

For any enquiries or questions, please contact Jason Koenen by phone: (09) 417 0112 or 027 478 3902 or email  jason.k@hydrovac.co.nz

Hydrovac Our Team

Rowan Murray

Field Operations Manager

Rowan has been part of the HydroVac team since February 2010.

Starting as a Trainee Operator and progressing up the ranks to become an Operator, Team Leader, Sales Representative and in December 2017 was appointed as Hydrovac’s Field Operations Manager.

Rowan’s main role is to support our Operations Manager, Jason and oversee the growth of our on-road team of 30 staff, morale is a high priority, as is keeping our fleet of almost 20 trucks on the road.

Day to day Rowan covers everything from site scopes, estimating and overseeing jobs on site, through to staff and site audits and keeping our yard running. Rowan provides an excellent customer experience by supporting our customers from the beginning to end of their projects.  

For any enquiries or questions, please contact Rowan Murray by phone: (09) 417 0112 or 027 453 8008 or email  rowan.murray@hydrovac.co.nz 

Hydrovac Our Team

Caroline Crann

Waste Water Manager

Caroline joined the HydroVac team in late 2017 and is the Waste Water Manager.

She has extensive Business Management experience following a varied career in the NZ security industry and working for large corporates both in NZ and overseas.

Her strengths lie in developing business process and policy to streamline businesses and in being proactive in daily business management.

Caroline has been a board member of several organisations such as the NZ Security Association and Breast Cancer Support and has worked with Standards Australia developing industry standards for NZ and Australia. She is currently Chair of West Harbour School.

Caroline brings a fresh perspective to HydroVac and looks forward to expanding the business throughout NZ. Caroline always delivers an excellent customer experience when dealing with new and existing clients.

For any enquiries regarding wastewater treatment & systems, please contact Caroline Crann by phone: (09) 417 0112 or 027 605 0513 or email caroline.crann@hydrovac.co.nz

Hydrovac Our Team

Alana Woolmore

CCTV & Hydro Flushing Operations Controller / Sales Advisor

Alana has been working for HydroVac since 2015 she has a love and passion for the operational side of the business and is our CCTV/Hydro-Flushing Operations Controller.

Recently Alana has also taken on the role of Sales Advisor, so she is out and about getting to meet clients, estimating jobs and helping the team provide the best service we can. Alana has cross-trained our staff to provide better opportunities to grow and introduce a more interesting outlook for the operators.

Alana prides herself on providing an excellent customer experience and believes that providing a service to a high standard and fast pace is what matters most in this industry.

Hydrovac offers a range of services from Hydro-Excavation, Vacuum Loading, Hydro-Flushing, CCTV, Grease converters and more.

Hydrovacs CCTV services offer complete survey, location, cleaning and inspection options. Hydrovacs CCTV & Hydro-flushing Technicians offer you the most professional and efficient drainage solution and can provide Council GIS as-built plans confirming your pipes’ positions. With our team of qualified technicians with fully equipped vans, Alana and her team are ready to carry out your drainage requirements while delivering an excellent customer experience all in a timely manner. 

For any enquiries or if you would like an estimate, please contact Alana Woolmore on (09) 417 0112, option 2, or 021 073 7338 or email alana.w@hydrovac.co.nz

Hydrovac Our Team

Jason Hakaria

Sales Advisor

Jason has over 12 years CCTV experience as a contracts manager so when Jason stepped into a Sales Representative role at Hydrovac back in 2014, he was the perfect fit to advise and provide our new and existing clients with the best solutions while delivering an excellent customer experience. 

Outside of work Jason loves to spend his time with has a fiancé and three sons who are heavily involved in sports activities. In his own personal time, Jason is an avid motorcyclist and riding his Harley is a passion. Jason hails from a small place called Ngataki in the Far North where there are the best beaches and swimming spots in Aotearoa. Jason has tribal links to Ngāti Kuri and Ngāti Tūwharetoa.

For any enquiries or if you would like a quote, please contact Jason Hakaria on (09) 417 0112 or 027 453 8016, or email Jason.hakaria@hydrovac.co.nz

Hydrovac Our Team

Riky Hart

Administration Manager

Riky joined HydroVac in July 2017 as the Administration Manager. Riky is skilled in administration, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll.

Riky has been educated in computer processes and programs and has varied experience in operations and administration, having worked in several different industries within New Zealand. Riky enjoys working with numbers, loves the challenge of reconciling accounts, and is very successful with collecting aged receivables, making her a valuable asset to our Accounts Department.

Riky believes that delivering an excellent customer experience to our customers and suppliers is what sets Hydrovac apart from competitors. 

Outside of work, Riky is involved in motorsport and is often travelling on weekends to attend events with her husband.

For any accounts payable or receivable, invoicing or payment enquiries, please contact Riky on 09 417 0112, option 3, or email accounts@hydrovac.co.nz 

Hydrovac Our Team

Patrick Pomeroy and Pamela Robertson

Service Team

Patrick and Pamela make up our Service Team. Patrick and Pamela look after dispatch for each service that HydroVac provides. They make sure that the service is carried out on time, using the correct equipment, with a high level of professionalism.

Patrick and Pamela each have a range of experience and skills and are always keen to learn on the job, developing their understanding of the services HydroVac provides and what is required for each new task and situation they come across.

Our service team pride themselves on delivering an excellent customer experience in a timely manner to all new and existing clients. 

For any enquiries regarding HydroVac’s services, please contact the Service Team by phone: 0800 HYDROVAC, (09) 417 0112, or email service@hydrovac.co.nz

Hydrovac Our Team

Glenn Byrne

Operations Manager

Following a history of truck driving, operations and logistics both in the NZ Army and private companies, Glenn started with HydroVac as a driver/operator in late 2014 where he quickly showed leadership qualities. Following a motorcycle accident the decision was made to bring Glenn into the office to help with administration, and from there grew the role into that of Operations Manager.

Glenn’s focus on safety templates, IT assets and procedures has resulted in a business better able to respond and report in real time. His ever-expanding fleet of new and near-new trucks and equipment provide him with a fantastic platform to recruit top notch drivers and operators. Glenn’s experience on the tools proves valuable in his ability to problem solve truck or operational issues quickly, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Hydrovac Our Team

Matthew Punter

Managing Director

Matthew started working for HydroVac Ltd in Auckland in 2006 as Operations Manager and quickly grew the company to the point a General Manager was required before taking that role on. As Operations Manager, Matthew set the foundations for a focus on service, arriving to each job on time with the right equipment, every time. As General Manager of a fast-growing company in a competitive environment, Matthew’s focus was on employing the right management, administrative and operational teams to continue that focus, while looking for new opportunities.

In 2014 Matthew negotiated the purchase of Industrial Bulk Liquids, a small Christchurch business, and became a business owner for the first time. A big step, moving his young family to be near his wife Rachel’s family in rural Canterbury. Following a name and brand change, and focusing on the same values of service, the right equipment and operational efficiency, HydroVac South Island is now punching well above its weight in an unforgiving environment.

He looks forward to continuing that focus into the future, which is looking pretty bright indeed.