Health & Safety

Health and Safety is at the core of HydroVac’s culture, how we operate, and what we do all day, every day. Backed up by our certifications, we strive to ensure our systems are implemented safely by our highly-trained field staff and operators.

Health and Safety on a day-to-day basis is benchmarked against major clients. This ensures a consistent level of quality for all our customers and helps us audit our projects and run our continuous improvement programmes.

Employee, management, and client participation is key to achieving NZ’s workplace safety outcomes; we encourage all to get involved, join the discussion, and keep all our workers safe.

Some of the training organisations and certifying establishments we work with to achieve our goals:





Impac Prequal


Safety ‘n Action

Safety 'n Action


Site Safe

Site Safe


New Zealand Water & Wastes Association

New Zealand Water & Waste Association