Grease Traps and Converters

One of the most common causes for blockages in commercial sewer lines is grease and fat from the kitchen. It may be liquid when it hits the sink, but by the time it reaches the cooler temperatures in the sewer line the liquid starts to harden and stick to the walls of the pipes. Grease Traps and Converters are a fantastic way of removing the fat content before it hits the sewer line, and holding it for removal via suction / vacuum methods. Regardless of whether you have an internal Grease Converter or an external Grease Trap, it must be maintained to ensure it is working properly. Without maintenance the likelihood of blockages, overflows and nasty odours are almost absolute. To prevent incorrect use and poor maintenance, HydroVac offers a service agreement combined with 3 or 6 monthly inspections based on the amount of use your system receives.WHAT SETS US APART?
Sometimes cleaning out the greasetrap is only part of the job. Sometimes the inlet and outlet lines can become clogged and should be cleaned at the same time. Our Multipurpose Trucks have the equipment on board to clean the greasetrap, removing all the offending material, and at the same time we can pressure flush the inlet and outlet lines to remove any blockages. Ask your current service agent if they can do that!SYSTEMS WE CURRENTLY SERVICE:

  • Dux Actamatic
  • Hynds
  • Big Dipper
  • Plumbpak
  • Simply Stainless​​


HydroVac specialises in the vacuum removal and disposal of trade waste.

  • Grease traps
  • Settling and holding tanks
  • Cesspits
  • Food preparation wastes
  • Industrial paints and powder
  • Concrete wash down slurry
  • Just about anything else!

All our trade waste is efficiently and conveniently disposed of at council approved facilities to ensure compliance with local authorities.


In order for your workplace to run smoothly, it’s vital that your drainage systems are doing the same. There are health and safety, as well as financial and environmental factors to consider. So don’t leave it until it blocks, get HydroVac on the job.

All our vehicles are custom fitted with vacuum loading units to effectively suck up all fats, grease and any other trade waste and debris from chambers or cesspits, and remove it safely from the site.

We then use our hydro flushing and hydro blasting equipment to clean any tank vessel, drain pipe or surface and ensure the system is fully operational. (Other companies may need two or even three vehicles to get the job done – we usually just need one!
Importantly our fleet includes a range of vehicle sizes, which means we are able to access even the tightest spots – no challenge too big, no location too hard. We have low height vehicles that can access underground car parks and other ‘hard to get to’ areas. We also have smaller vehicles that are perfect for getting around areas where weight is an issue.

See our Super Suction Accelerator solutions for challenging sites with large vertical and/or horizontal distances.



Our new MAN unit utilises the power of the largest truck mounted liquid ring pump available in New Zealand. During testing we found only 10% power is required to vacuum wet sand, traditionally one of the hardest substances to move. Imagine what we could do on 100% power!
We have combined this awesome suction power with a remote control extendable boom and on-board waterblaster to ensure we can attack any challenge, any location, and provide a solution to overcome any hurdle.

Visit our “Been There Done That” page for more examples of raw suction power. If everyone says it can’t be done, call the innovators at HydroVac, we like a challenge.


Normal vacuum units can only lift to a maximum of 10 metres. Our vacuum trucks have been proven to operate at over 15m vertical lift and over 100m horizontal suction. By using a Super Suction Accelerator we offer a service above and beyond even that. Perfect for those awkward jobs where you can’t locate a suction unit close to your site.

The HydroVac Super Suction Accelerator lifts even heavy products up to great heights and extra-long distances. This is a highly efficient and cost effective way of removing product from those hard to get to places.

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