Air Lance in Action

18/10/2017 Lianne Rooney

NO this is not using water it’s our new air lance! NO mess and NO damage to the tree roots. Product that is vacuumed up can be tipped on site and can be reused for reinstatement. AMAZING!! NOW BEAT THAT . . .

Maintaining Your Stormwater Drainage Systems

11/06/2017 Riky Hart

Roof and Gutters – the First Line of Defence Your roof and gutters make up the first line of defence against stormwater. Your roof needs to be intact and able to channel the flow of water towards the gutters, which in turn need get it to the downpipes. If they’re not doing their job, most […]

Managing Waste – the Ancient Roman Way

11/06/2017 Riky Hart

The Ancient Romans were famous for their water and wastewater systems. They truly were the hydraulics engineers of the ancient world.  Wastewater systems and management were slow to progress after the Roman period, and in most cases, they declined. In fact, many primitive wastewater systems contributed to outbreaks of typhoid and cholera in the Middle […]

How CCTV Cameras and Hydro-Jetting Are Revolutionising Drainage Services

11/06/2017 Riky Hart

Many people don’t realise that advanced, waterproof CCTV cameras are an essential part of a drainage specialist’s  equipment. Cameras provide visual access to many hard to reach places – especially the insides of drains – meaning experts can now get accurate and precise information about a blockage. In the past, drain unblocking involved a lot […]

Hydro Excavation and its Potential for Archaeology

11/06/2017 Riky Hart

Hydro excavation is a non-destructive form of digging, so it’s potential for archaeological dig sites is huge. Traditional excavation used by archaeologists is destructive and time-consuming in nature. It usually involves deep penetration of soil, and once a site is excavated, it is gone forever. Most of the time, the artifacts and soil cannot be […]

Newsletter 12

11/06/2017 Riky Hart

Summer is near – message from Dave the General Manager   We are nearing Christmas, and while I may have been a bit quick to think winter was on it’s way out, it will be summer before we know it. We have had a record couple of months and I’m really happy with how the […]

​Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from HydroVac

11/06/2017 Riky Hart

With Christmas now upon us and the New Year looming, HydroVac’s General Manager, Dave Coutts, recently paused to reflect on the year that has been and pass on his well wishes to HydroVac’s loyal and valued clients and customers.

Hydrovac hydro-excavating – water main

11/06/2017 Riky Hart

Hydro-excavating to install Powerpoles after 6th December Whenuapai tornado, note the 50mm water main, another perfect example why hydro-excavation is the only method of exposing services with zero damage.

Us jetting news from New Zealand!

11/06/2017 Riky Hart

Andrew Williams, co-owner of HydroVac in Auckland, New Zealand first contacted US Jetting in the summer of 2011. In the wake of the devastation from the earthquake in Christchurch and considering the earthquake related ill effects of “liquefaction”, Andrew needed a truly versatile jetting unit that could tackle both small and large sewer cleaning tasks. Click here to […]

Hydrovac introduces hydro-excavation

11/06/2017 Riky Hart

HydroVac continues to offer innovative solutions through the introduction of their latest service – Hydro-Excavation. Check out the video to see a demonstration or to see the full length version click here