Professional Drain Management Services for Councils

Large scale drainage pipes for Council job

Councils have a responsibility to property owners to ensure that Council owned and operated drainage systems are clear and functioning; after all, they need to capture any stormwater. How can this be done? At HydroVac, we believe prevention is better than cure.

As professional drain specialists operating in Christchurch and Auckland, we can use CCTV drain cameras to detect any issues in your stormwater drains or drain systems. We use high-tech hydro flushing equipment with root cutting capabilities to clear stormwater drains from any debris and tree roots.

Regular Drainage Maintenance to Reduce Flood Risk 

It is recommended that you have a drain specialist check your drainage system every six months to keep it in working order. Giving your Council drain system regular attention can prolong its life and prevent leaks, flooding or damage – not to mention costly repairs, complaints from Joe Public, and potential health risks.

At HydroVac, we offer:

  • drain unblocking
  • root cutting
  • drain cleaning and sanitation
  • vacuum removal to clean up spills
  • CCTV inspection to locate any drain problem

Emergency Post-Storm Flood Management

Many small problems in a city’s drainage system can go undiagnosed until excessive rainfall reveals problems in the drainage system which leads to wider scale problems, especially flooding.

With over 35 years of experience fixing drain issues, HydroVac can get to you fast in times of need. For your peace of mind, we also operate 24-hours a day, 7 days a week in Auckland and Christchurch.  We also service the greater areas of both these regions.

At HydroVac, we deal with everything from down pipes to sewer manholes and drains to grills, cesspits, grease traps, and interceptors. We have the expertise and the equipment to efficiently fix large-scale drain problems caused by excessive flooding.

Hydro Flushing to Clear Council Drain Blockages Fast

Drain blockages in Council properties can be caused by a build-up of different substances, including grease, and can cause emergency flooding if left untreated. Other drain problems, such as structural degradation and cracked or leaking drain pipes, can cause long-term, serious damage.

Our hydro flushing equipment, high-pressure water jet machines, are able to deal with all domestic and commercial council properties to clear blockages within drainage systems. Our team of drain specialists will clean up on completion and leave the property just the way we found it.

What Homeowners Can Do to Protect Drains from Flooding

You can help to maintain your own drainage systems and protect the community from flooding caused by blocked drains by:

  • regularly cleaning your gutters and inspecting them for leaks and debris which could build up to block pipes further down the network
  • not sweeping leaves and other debris down stormwater drains, as this can also clog the drains and prevent the free flow of water
  • not pouring anything inappropriate down the stormwater drains, such as cooking fat and oils, as they can block pipes and cause water backup and property damage

If you do find leaks or blocks or need any servicing done to your pipes and drains, call HydroVac on 0800 493 768.