Why Hydro Flushing Is the Best Option for Waste Removal

20/02/2018 Riky Hart

Hydro flushing is the fast, effective, no-dig way to manage and clean pipes, stormwater drains and home drains. Hydro flushing is where small volumes of water are blasted at a high speed to clean out grease, sludge and deposits from your drainage system without damaging your pipes. Effective hydro flushing will clear your drainage before […]

Professional Drain Management Services for Councils

01/02/2018 Riky Hart

Councils have a responsibility to property owners to ensure that Council owned and operated drainage systems are clear and functioning; after all, they need to capture any stormwater. How can this be done? At HydroVac, we believe prevention is better than cure. As professional drain specialists operating in Christchurch and Auckland, we can use CCTV […]