How to Tell If You’ve Got Serious Drainage Problems

Woman trying to unblock kitchen sink

Do you suspect that you’ve got a drainage issue at your home or business but you’re not sure what to do? The best thing to do is call a drain professional to assess the issue and fix the problem. At HydroVac, we have over 35 years of combined experience fixing drains, unblocking drains and more – you can say that we know a thing or two about drainage systems.

In the meantime, here are our top tips on how to identify drainage issues and what you should do about them.

Low Water Pressure

Is it taking you 45 minutes to wash your hair? Are your bathroom taps as effective as a gentle mist for washing your hands? Sounds like you have low water pressure. A common cause of low water pressure is a build-up of deposits or sediment in your drain system. If left alone, this could develop into a serious blockage or a leak in your pipes – an emergency that could damage your home’s infrastructure and foundations if left alone.

If you’re experiencing a sudden and significant reduction in water pressure with no known cause, then we advise you to call a drain professional to pinpoint the reason for the change. They will fix the problem before any damage is caused.

Leaky Pipes

Whether there’s a small puddle under a pipe or you get an unpleasant surprise when you reach under your sink, drain leaks can be costly and gross if left alone. Drain leaks usually happen at joints but they can also be due to cracks.

In the case of cracks, your drain may need spot repairing or may need replacing completely. Until a professional can get to your leak, we suggest using a compression clamp and leak tape to limit the flow. To reduce the risk of leaky and cracked pipes in the first place, we advise regular checks from a drain specialist to make sure your pipes are in good, working order.

Slow or Clogged Drains

When the water that goes into your sink, bath or toilet won’t flush away, you probably have a partial or complete drain blockage issue.  Even if you don’t have a complete blockage, debris in pipes can slow drainage to a trickle.

One of the most common causes for blockages in your drain is grease and fat from the kitchen, debris from the bathroom, and hair and body scrapings from the shower.  Although it may be liquid and loose debris when it hits the sink but by the time this stuff reaches the cooler temperatures in your drainage system the grease and fat coagulate, acting like glue for hair, dead skin, toilet paper, and other muck and creating a surprisingly hard and incredibly foul-smelling  substance. This sticks to your pipes and draws in more and more filth as it passes by.

At HydroVac, we can not only clean your pipes using state-of-the-art hydro flushing equipment, but we also have Grease Traps and Converters – which are a fantastic way of removing the fat content and holding it for removal before it hits the sewer line.

If you have a drain emergency, we can get to you fast in Auckland and Christchurch – we operate 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We also service the greater areas of both these regions. Contact us here.