Maintaining Your Stormwater Drainage Systems

Roof and Gutters – the First Line of Defence

Your roof and gutters make up the first line of defence against stormwater. Your roof needs to be intact and able to channel the flow of water towards the gutters, which in turn need get it to the downpipes. If they’re not doing their job, most of the water won’t even reach the storm drains.

Roof Maintenance

Do some basic roof maintenance at least once a week – and definitely before the rainy season if your area has one. Check for danger signs such as:

  • Trees growing too close to the roof – they can damage the roof over time and become a hazard during a storm.
  • Black or discoloured streaks indicating mould, algae or fungus that could eat away at your roof.
  • Damage such as broken or missing tiles or rusty areas in a steel roof.

You can solve these problems yourself if you have the tools and skills or you can get in touch with professional roofers.

Gutters and Downpipes

The most common problem with gutters is their tendency to get blocked. Leaves, bird droppings, and other debris pile up and cause blockages that lead to overflow when it rains. Dust can also create little islands where plant seeds land and grow, blocking and damaging gutters.

If damage has already been done, you probably need professional help but you can also clear out your gutters yourself. This should be done at least twice a year and once every three months if you have a lot of trees that overhang your home.

Blockages in your downpipes are also a problem. Just like with blocked drains, blocked downpipes will back up, leading to overflow problems, even if your gutters are working perfectly. Clearing gutters regularly will help to prevent this, but if they are blocked you may need professional hydro flushing to clear them.

Maintaining Stormwater Drains

Once the rain does get to your drains, they need to be working properly or they’ll just fill up and overflow. This will be worse than having nothing at all, since the water that saturates your yard will have been contaminated by whatever debris is blocking the drain.

On a day-to-day basis, you can minimise the chances of a blockage by clearing away leaf litter, stray rubbish, and so on from the drain entrance. But with so many ways for blockages to occur, you’ll need to get professional stormwater maintenance as well.

Qualified water systems maintenance professionals like the team at HydroVac can use high-pressure water jets to clear almost any blockage from your drains. Sophisticated CCTV drain inspection technology can also be used to identify the exact type and location of the blockage.

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